Vuejs and Laravel Integration – Small Project Included by Edwin Diaz, Coding Faculty Solutions at Udemy

Vuejs and Laravel Integration – Small Project Included

Learn to use Vuejs with Laravel

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Let’s make our To-Do App


This is my second course about Vue which Edwin leads. I’m very happy to learn new stuff with him. The knowledge is going straight to my head with these lectures. Edwin makes mistakes but It is good because You can learn codding much better when You see what is wrong. I sincerely recommend this course!

Radek Jankowski

This course teaches you how to use Vue in Laravel in a very basic level. Also this is not a full CRUD project as there is no “Edit” / “Update” implementation, only read, create and delete. I would have rated this course with 4 stars if it was full CRUD. A course this small and this basic is impossible to give it a 5 star rating.

Gus A. Florez


Why need a free torrent download when this course is available at best deal i.e nearly for free where you will be able to download all the videos