Real Time Single Page Forum App with Pusher Laravel & vuejs by Sarthak Shrivastava at Udemy

Real Time Single Page Forum App with Pusher Laravel & vuejs

Making Things Realtime With Pusher in Single Page App

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Course Content

What is GraphQL / Apollo? (Optional)
Intro to Apollo Server 2, Queries, Mutations and GraphQL Playground
Connect to MLab Database, Create Mongoose Models and GraphQL TypeDefs
Create Vue Frontend with Vue CLI 3
Using Vue Apollo
Integrate Vuex with ApolloClient
JWT Authentication for Signin / Signup
Error Handling and Form Validation
Add Post / Infinite Scroll Components
Post Component
Like / Unlike Post
Search Posts
Profile Page, Update / Delete Posts
Preparing for Deployment
Deployment with Heroku / Now v2


This course was _exactly_ what I was looking for. I had looked for a while for Vue and Apollo classes and/or tutorials, and nothing was quite what I needed. Reed does a great job leading the student through building a pretty well-rounded app. All the main concepts and capabilities I need to get started on my app were included in this class. I’m sure I’ll find more capabilities I’ll need later as my app gets built out, but right now, I don’t know of any. I would definitely sign up for more of Reed’s classes if I find any that deal with a technology I need to learn. Thank you Reed!

Jack Browning

Its a good course, the stack is very interesting and ive been wanting to learn vga for awhile, this is a learn-by-doing kind of class, It was paced, although, the synchronization when reed speaks and types can be better (it was difficult to keep up when he typed faster than he spoke – nit pick). Updates are needed in some videos, or at least need to be made note of especially deployment (update: an update was made on deployment and app is now running). This course is for those familiar with code and those that are okay with troubleshooting on their own before Reed can get to your question. Thanks Reed I enjoy your work!

David Garza


Why need a free torrent download when this course is available at best deal i.e nearly for free where you will be able to download all the videos