What is Ruby

Ruby Programming Language

what is ruby


In 1993, Ruby was conceived by Matsumoto and Keiju Ishitsuka. In December 1995, Ruby 0.95 was released as the first public release. Moreover, various versions of Ruby were released in many successive years such as Ruby 1.0 in 1996, Ruby 1.2 in 1998, Ruby 1.4 in 1999,and Ruby 1.6 in 2000. In 2003, Ruby 1.8 was released that was partially compatible with Ruby 1.9 that was released in 2007. After that various other versions of the language were released but the latest version was released in 2017 with name Ruby 2.5.


What is Ruby?

Ruby is a programming language which is general-purpose, dynamic, reflective, and object-oriented and was influenced by Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp. It is a multi-paradigm language that is functional, object-oriented, and imperative. Its memory management is automatic and system is of dynamic type.


Who uses Ruby?

  1. Rakuten : a online retailer
  2. Amazon
  3. Github
  4. Twitter
  5. Bloomberg
  6. Yammer
  7. SoundCloud


What it is used for?

  1. For rapid application development (RAD)
  2. For storing information in a database
  3. To create, update, store, and retrieve the data in a database.



  1. Supports metaprogramming
  2. Fast to write
  3. Everything is an object
  4. Maintainability, simple debugging, and good application performance.

Average salary

In USA, the average salary of a Ruby developer is $116,309 per year.



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